We provide a wide variety of services from a range of experienced medical professionals in various fields. We've provided a brief summary of what each clinic provides for you. For more information, you can explore each of our practitioner's websites by clicking on their logo! 

Our vision at Achieve is to build good health and conditioning, improve activities of daily living and develop a level of independence for one and all. Achieve set out to build and sustain rehabilitation concepts that any person, of any age can follow and improve their lives with. We believe that physical activity, lifestyle and behaviour modification can help prevent and/or manage chronic disease, injury and disability. At Achieve we have a strong understanding of your frustrations while overcoming pain, injury or physical/mental restrictions.


Achieve Speech Pathology provides families with access to a high quality flexible speech pathology service through the availability of home visits and clinic based options.  Achieve Speech Pathology is committed to supporting families to aim high and to reach their individual goals. Achieve Speech Pathology can support in all areas of feeding, mealtimes, speech and language development and alternative communication options.  Please contact to discuss how we can help you.

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At Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy we have made a serious commitment to excellence in physiotherapy. We have a large, highly qualified and well supported team of Physiotherapists who provide physiotherapy services in hospital and in our Physiotherapy clinics. Our Physiotherapists are highly skilled in providing best practice, evidence based, ‘hands-on’ treatment. We have an ‘Active Approach’ to patient management that incorporates tailored, progressive exercise programs, designed to help each individual achieve their sporting, work and life physical performance goals. 

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Dr Ivan Astori is a Queensland-trained orthopaedic surgeon. He specialises in adult lower limbs and paediatric orthopaedics. He has a special interest in reconstructive surgery of the hip and knee in adults, particularly the use of osteotomies (bone redirection) to preserve these joints and avoid the need for joint replacement. He has an active practice in knee and hip replacement surgeries. Dr Astori also has a strong interest in the operative and non-operative treatment of athletes and their sporting injuries, particularly knee ligament reconstruction. He has extensive experience dealing with the particular issues related to adolescents and their sporting injuries.

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Dr. Cullen - Sports and Exercise Physician


Specialising in family-focussed nutrition and dietetics services, Deb Blakley provides no-fuss solutions for the fussiest of eaters to kids where weight is a concern.

All Kids Dig Food services aim to be practical, real, achievable and most of all fun. Our dietiticans will help you learn to eat well together, without the battles. Our dietitians are passionate about kids learning to love good food from birth and beyond. Kids Dig Food, Brisbane will help you find easy solutions tailored to your family’s lifestyle.

LIFT High Performance Consultants (HPC) are a team of highly skilled professionals and performers who use the latest research in neuroscience, sport and performance psychology and sports medicine to help you to reach your performance potential in sport, business, performing arts, academia or everyday life. LIFT HPC was born out of a desire to bring something new to the performance industry with unique collaborations and projects, and we have combined forces with a range of elite performers to understand what makes them great and to make these strategies accessible to any performer.


With 3% of Australian school-aged children having problems with daytime bladder control and 10% suffering from bedwetting, the Mars Clinic was established in 2008 to meet the significant community need for specialist treatment of children with bladder and bowel conditions. 

Why the ‘Mars’ Clinic? Because Mars is a dry planet and this is the place to come to help children become dry too!

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Sports Physiotherapy

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Ones and Twos Occupational Therapy has been developed by Christine Shearer-Smith (formerly Christine Tracey) to help children who have toileting difficulties. Commonly these children range in age from 2 years to 16 years and may be simply having difficulties with toilet training (i.e. they will only poo in their nappy), or alternatively be suffering from problems relating to long term constipation and soiling. The service also provides assistance to children over the age of 5 years who continue to wet the bed at night, or who have the added complication of wetting themselves during the day.

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Paedicare is a private paediatric group providing holistic care based on current best practice to babies and children (0 to 18 years old), and their families. Dr John Gunn, who consults from Clayfield and South Brisbane, is a qualified and caring Brisbane paediatrician committed to providing local care to patients and their families.

Sprenger Podiatry is one of Brisbane leading Podiatry practices, specialising in all aspects of conservative conditions of adult and paediatric foot and ankle.

We have over 20 years’ experience between our 3 Podiatrists (Nicholas Sprenger, Benjamin Harwin & Adie Burrow). We prescribe both custom and non-custom orthoses of both soft and rigid nature; this prescription is dependent on each patient’s requirements and is not a one size fits all approach. We also perform partial or full toenail removal, with cauterisation to treat ingrown toenails. 

Adolescents, in particular adolescent athletes , require physiotherapists who understand them and their bodies and will know what to look for to not only support their sports career but also prevent long term chronic problems arising.

That's why Dr Loretta O'Sullivan-Pippia created twelve9teen sports physiotherapy for adolescents and why it's the only place to go if you're an active teenager looking for a physiotherapist.


Upper Limb & Sports Orthopaedics